A perfect unison of purity and performance.

The Italian Bella Complex™ is 5 compounded ingredients, each sourced from a specific region for their unique and multiple skin benefits. The IBCTM energises and rejuvenates fatigued skin, forming a radiant, healthy, firmer looking complexion with the appearance of softened, reduced lines.

Vinacciolo Oil, Sourced from the abundant agricultural Tuscany region, Sicilian Almond oil extensively nourish and smooths skin.

Apple Annurca extracted from the volcanic region of Vesuvio has anti-fatigue, anti-stress properties and reactivates the skin’s natural defences. It also has an anti-glycation action and helps to brighten the complexion and even out skin tone.

Cold pressed, filtered, Tomato Seed Oil sensory lipoactives, selected from Puglia, neutralises the effects of free radicals and improves skin tonicity.

Edelweiss Merestamatic Cell cultures sourced from the Alps of Northern Italy, possess anti-oxidising and anti-ageing properties that protect against photo- ageing, environmental aggressors, whilst lifting and firming the skin. Edelweiss is also known to promote collagen production.