Clinic Treatments - Terms and Conditions

Purpose and Understanding
1. These terms and conditions (‘Conditions’) shall apply as between Pietro Simone Skincare
Inc. (‘the Company’) and you respect of
1.1. Any request by you for the Company to prove Treatments
1.2. Any booking for the Company to provide Treatments
1.3. Any Contract for the Company to provide Treatments
1.4. any Treatments provided by the Company at a Clinic
2. These Conditions apply whether Treatments are booked online or by telephone or in person by you or by another person on your behalf or as a gift to you.
3. These Conditions do not apply to the purchase by you of Products online or at a Clinic.
4. A number of words are used in these Conditions which have special meanings. Where this
is the case the relevant words as defined begin with a capital letter. The meanings of these
specially-defined words are shown in brackets.
Other policies
5. These Conditions are separate to
5.1. The Company’s Terms and Conditions for Consumer Online Sales
5.2. The Company’s data protection and privacy policy.
The Company
6. The Company’s details are as follows:
6.1. The Company’s registered office is 145 Spring Street, New York, 10012, NY
6.2 The Company’s trading address is 145 Spring Street, New York, 10012, NY
6.3 The Company’s telephone number in the event that you have any questions relating to
an online Order or a delivery is +1 646 918 6791
6.4 The Company’s email address is https://pietrosimone.com/
Treatments and Clinics
7 This Company provides various non-surgical skincare weight loss and body toning
treatment services including consultations and spa-related services (Treatments) at
premises including spas and a dedicated Clinic within the UK.
8 Treatments are supplied on behalf of the Company by beauticians personally trained by
Pietro Simone (Staff).
Personal Information
9 In the course of making a booking and in the course of any Treatments you will be asked to
provide personal information.
10 You agree that the Company may use that information in accordance with its data
protection and privacy policy.
11 The price of the Treatments will be explained to you in advance and may be shown on the
Company’s website.

12 All prices, charges and sums quoted (unless otherwise specified) are exclusive of VAT, for
which the Client shall be additionally liable at the applicable rate from time to time.
Making a booking
13 A booking is a request by you to the Company to provide Treatments.
14 The following sets out how bookings can be made:
14.1 By telephoning the Company and arranging an appointment with a member of
14.2 By attending their Address and speaking with a member of staff.
15 If you make a booking on behalf of another person you are warranting that you are
authorised by them to do so or if the Treatments is to be a gift that you will be responsible
for any cancellation costs.
16 When you make a booking for a Treatments and the booking is accepted then a contract is entered into between the Company on the one hand and you and person on behalf of whom the booking is made on the other hand (Contract).
17 You will receive an email confirmation of the Contract as soon as is practicable. When we
confirm a Contract we will explain the main characteristics of the Treatments booked eg
17.1 description
17.2 the total price of the Treatments booked inclusive of tax (such as VAT) and if this
cannot be calculated in advance we will explain how this will be calculated
17.3 any delivery charges or any other costs or if these cannot be calculated in advance
we will explain that they are payable
17.4 when the Treatments will be provided
17.5 Clinic address
18 The email confirmation may refer you to these Conditions to inform you about
18.1 our identity, geographical address, telephone number, fax number and email
18.2 our address for consumer complaints if different
18.3 our complaints policy
18.4 the conditions, time limits and procedure for exercising a right to cancel, if there is

19 If you have the right to cancel and if you request the Treatments to be provided within the
cancellation period then you will be asked to confirm this by email or in writing.
20 A 30% deposit will be required when booking an appointment for a Treatment. The balance
is to be paid immediately upon completion of the Treatment. If the Treatment includes
alternative or additional Treatment(s) or if you require different Products to be used either
prior to or in the course of the Treatment you will be required to pay any additional costs of
the Treatment(s) and/or Products immediately upon completion of the Treatment.
[What are the payment arrangements, eg is it necessary to pay a basic fee or deposit to
book a consultation then pay for extras on site]
21 Payment must be made by debit or credit card at the time of booking.
Cancellation Policy

22 In every case you may cancel a booking before we have sent you an email confirmation
that the booking is accepted ie before the Contract.
23 If you have booked a Spa visit on a certain date this is a contract for services related to
leisure activities on a specific date and is not cancellable after the Contract is made.
24 If you made booking online or by telephone for other services not covered by the previous
clause then you have statutory cancellation rights as follows:
a. You may cancel the Contract at any time up to the end of the fourteenth day after the
date of the Contract
b. You do not need to give us any reason for cancelling the Contract nor will you have to
pay any penalty.
c. To cancel a Contract you must notify us in writing – a model cancellation form is
set out below
d. If you have requested us to provide Treatments within the 14 day cancellation
period you must pay an amount which is in proportion to the services which the
Company has provided up to the day and time when you communicated your
cancellation ie the reasonable costs of the service that we have delivered
25 If you made the booking in person or if the Contract is cancellable but you have not
exercised the right to cancel it in time or at all then the following policy applies:
e. 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel or postpone a Treatment(s). Where you provide
less than 24 hours’ notice the deposit paid will not be refunded unless we are able
to fill your appointment.
f. If you do not attend an appointment and have not exercised your right to cancel you will
be charged in full for the Treatment.
g. If you arrive late for the Treatment your Treatment time will not be extended and you may
not receive the full amount of time allotted for the Treatment although you will be
charged the same price for the Treatment.
In all cases we will seek payment using the same means of payment as you used
for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise.

26 If a refund is due then it will be made as soon as practicable and in any event within 14
days of cancellation.
27 We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the
initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not
incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement
Attending a Consultation
28 If you have never received any Treatment from us previously or if you are receiving a
Treatment you have never previously undergone, you must arrive at least 20 minutes
before your appointment in order to complete a questionnaire regarding your health and
well-being. The questionnaire will ask questions about you, including your age, health,
dietary habits and any information which we consider necessary before we begin the
Treatment. This is to enable us to determine whether the Treatment is suitable for you. If
you refuse or do not answer any questions, we may decline to provide any Treatment(s) to
you. If you do not arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment your Treatment time
will be delayed and reduced to allow you to complete the questionnaire.
29 Each time you receive a Treatment (unless the Treatment is the same Treatment you
received previously) you will be required to complete a questionnaire.
30 The information you provide is confidential and is not shared with anyone apart from the
Company and its staff. You are required to answer all the questions truthfully and honesty.
If you do not, then we cannot be responsible if the Treatment is unsuccessful or you have
any adverse reaction to it.
31 After certain Treatment we may ask you to refrain or desist from certain activities. It is a
condition of all treatment that you agree to follow this advice. If you are required to refrain
or desist from certain activities we will explain to you the reason why and the duration.
32 You must provide true and accurate details (eg any relevant medical history, medical
conditions, allergies, previous Treatments, or medicines) as requested by Staff.
33 It may be necessary to undertake skin tests in advance of or during a Treatments.
34 You may need to provide your GP’s name and address and telephone number.
Recommended Treatments or Products
35 In the course of a Treatments the Company may recommend or use cosmetic products
36 The Company may refuse to provide or suspend any Treatments in the absolute discretion
of Staff.
37 If you attend a Consultation but the Company refuses to provide the Treatments which you request then you will only be charged for the consultation and any additional payment
already made will be refunded.
Clinic Policies
38 Our Clinic(s) have various policies and you are invited to review them. There are certain
policies relating to:
h. Use of mobile phones during treatment; and
i. Clothing.
Gift Vouchers
39 Our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
40 No refund will be made after a gift voucher has expired.
41 The gift voucher has no cash value and may not be sold or exchanged for cash.
41 The Company does not guarantee the outcome of any Treatments. We strive to ensure that our Staff uphold the highest standards and we take great care in the content and
formulation of our Treatments and Products.
Complaints Policy
42 We are confident that you will be satisfied after any Treatments.
43 In the event you are unhappy with any aspect of our service or the Treatment(s) you have
received you are entitled to complain. All complaints should be sent to Pietro Simone by
first class registered post to the Address within 14 days of you undergoing the Treatment(s).
We aim to respond to any complaints within 28 days of receipt of the complaint. In
exceptional circumstances we may require further time and if we do require additional time
we will notify you in writing and will inform you of the amount of further time we require in
order to deal with the complaint.
44 We keep our Conditions and policies under regular review. We reserve the right to make
alterations to them at any time. If we do, we will post the changes on our website. Any
change to our Conditions does not affect a Contract already entered into.