SMA Body Contouring - HiFu Lab

SMA Body Contouring – HIFU is an exclusive technology also used to reshape the body. The characteristic that makes SMA Contouring HIFU such an extraordinary technology, is the possibility of using a significant power intensity in a short time and in a concentrated manner (focused diagram).

SMA Body Contouring – HIFU LAB uses high-frequency focused ultrasounds. Its powerful thermal effect can be used for targeted reshaping of the abdomen, hips, inner and outer thighs, buttocks and inner arms. Using the 13 millimetre head, SMA – HIFU is also able to provide deep set body treatments with the following benefits: Decrease in located adipose and imperfections caused by cellulite and firming and toning of tissues.

  • SMA Body Contouring – HiFu Lab

    DURATION: 60 minutes
    PRICE: From £200.00

Experience an Italian attention to beauty in London with Pietro Simone. True rejuvenation for body and mind at London’s most exclusive Beauty Clinic.