Resonance & Accentuate

Accent Prime is the clinically proven body contouring and skin tightening solution. This two part treatment combines the innovations of Ultrasound and Radio Frequency technology to comfortably shape and tighten large areas of the body. The unique Resonance of the Ultrasound use guided waves that encompass a middle longitudinal wave to direct a controlled damage to the membrane of the fatty cells to breakdown the targeted tissue.

Accentuate is the newest technology in Radio Frequency body contouring and uses hands-free stationary applicators to deliver the 40.68 MHz unipolar AlmaWave Radio Frequency resonant-distributed waves. These waves create a safe, even heat, that reaches deep into the dermis to increase metabolism following fat destruction whilst also contracting collagen fibres to stimulate the formation of new collagen.

  • Resonance & Accentuate 1 Area

    DURATION: 75 minutes
    PRICE: £350.00

  • Resonance & Accentuate RF 2 Areas

    DURATION: 130 minutes
    PRICE: £550.00

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