Peptides Infusion

PI is a range of cosmeceutic treatments dedicated to specific targets :
– Whitening and Brightening to target hyper-pigmentation
– DermaBooster 50 to revitalize the skin (face)
– Eye Contour
– CelluSlim, a slimming treament (body)
Our cocktails are applied to the treated area by a dermocosmetic professional

  • Eye expert

    DURATION: 30 minutes
    PRICE: £200.00

  • Dermabooster 50

    DURATION: 30 minutes
    PRICE: £250.00

  • Whitening & brightening

    DURATION: 30 minutes
    PRICE: £300.00

How does it work?

It consists to administer very small quantities of peptides, natural extracts, and vitamins into the skin. This technique is done into the targeted area.

For which indications?

PI is an effective alternative for the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks removal, and alopecia and face/neck/ hands rejuvenation. Unlike surgery, PI is virtually painless, requires no postoperative recovery time, Patients have no interruptions to their daily life, while obtaining natural cosmetics results.

Are the results immediate ?

The results are immediate after the first session, but patients notice visible improvement in two to three sessions.

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