NIR Skin Tightening

NIR Skin Tightening

Fine lines, wrinkles, photo-damage, uneven skin tone and skin laxity are all signs of aging skin. With NIR you can tackle the signs of aging skin using the Q-Switched laser, near infrared technology or a combination of both. Short term benefits include skin tightening and glow whilst in the long term the NIR will restructure the skins architecture strengthening the skin against future aging

The NIR lamp causes micro thermal injury with by using a high power light source to achieve safe and effective sub-dermal heating. This contracts the fibres stimulating new collagen and tightening laxity, improving alignment and thickness.

Suitable for all skin types
Pregnancy, Anticoagulants, Skin cancer or cancer history, History of heat urticaria (hives), Reduced
sensation (e.g. paralysis, etc.)

  • NIR Skin Tightening

    DURATION: 60 minutes
    PRICE: £150.00

    Recommended minimum for best results:
    Once every two weeks for 12 weeks

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