Eva Facial

A new modular facial device brings together three phases to give a total solution for facial rejuvenation, skin conditioning and contouring.

Phase 1 Sensorised Ablative Microvibration (S.A.M)

S.A.M exploits Endosphères® Compressive Micro-vibration method, creating a mechanical peeling effect to ablate the skin’s surface. Using the spheres to create ablative micro-vibration. The gel microspheres are positioned on a rotation axis which is offset by 13.7 degrees. The traction and the mechanical movement of the spheres results in the ablation of the upper layers of the skin. This friction affect additionally has a stimulating effect on the tissue and prepares it for stage two. The ablative or peeling effect helps to smooth the skin and improve the overall texture.

Phase 2 Face- Compressive Vibration

The latest development of the use of compressive micro-vibration techniques has evolved into an effective stimulation technique in the deeper skin layers. Compressive Micro-Vibrations create a frequency from 40 Hz – 310 Hz  f which the rotation and pressure determine the intensity of the treatment for optimum comfort. The rotation and pressure compress the tissues, producing a pump effect, that works in four ways
• Draining action is the atic draining, where the silicon spheres rotate to drain the waste.
• Relaxation action improves the haematic flow by relaxing the mimic (expression) muscles and in general all face and neck muscles
• Vascular action like the second works on the muscles however, also works on the tissue and hypodermic: further improving haematic flow but also improving the tissue acidosis, allowing the flow of oxygen and nutrients, improving the oxidative stress, whilst also preventing the effects of aging on the skin
• Restructuring action is specific for wrinkles. The direct application causes a localised microtrauma improving microcirculation providing oxygen, encouraging stem cell regeneration.

Phase 3 Vibro Electro Delivery ( V.E.D)

Transdermal electroporation is the application of a small electrical pulse to the skin. This electrical pulse disrupts the cell membranes of the skin making them more permeable allowing the transport of larger molecules. The disruption facilitates the entry of selected product’s into the deeper layers of the skin. V.E.D. uses transdermal electroporation and exploits the pore opening achieved by the FACE treatment and the exfoliation achieved by SAM, facilitating the transmission and entry of up to 90% of active substances in the tissue for an exceptionally deep nourishment.

  • Eva Facial

    DURATION: 60 minutes
    PRICE: £150.00

  • Eva Facial with peptides infusion

    DURATION: 90 minutes
    PRICE: £250.00

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