Current procedures work on fat and skin and offer a great non-surgical body solution to patients wanting to improve their shape. However EMsculpt is the only procedure in the world that simultaneously addresses both muscle and fat. It does this by using High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Waves (HIFEM), which is the same technology used in MRI scanners, to induce 20,000 supra-maximal forced muscle contractions per half hour session.  It is physically impossible for someone to voluntary work their muscles at this 100% capacity, so this intense session multiplies the myofibrils in the muscle and causes volumetric muscle growth. At the same time, because the body is undergoing such an intense ‘workout’, an abundance of free fratty acids released to fuel this overwhelms the fat cells, triggering apoptosis and fat cell death.  The fat is then removed by the usual metabolic pathways.
This HIFEM technology is non-iodising, non-radiating and non-thermal so is safe for men and women of all skin colour. The treatment is not painful and has no downtime. Studies show an average of 16% improvement in muscle mass, 19% reduction in fat and an improvement of 11% for Diastasis Recti. 
Abdominal treatment:
Current treatment areas are the abdominals (where we see fat loss with muscle mass increase, plus an 11% improvement in Diastasis Recti after childbirth.
Buttocks, we change the programme slightly so the device only builds muscle  and does not kill the fat on the buttocks.
We recommend a course of 4/6 treatments, spaced over 2/4 weeks for optimal results. Final results are achieved 2-3 months post-treatment however patients tend to see and feel a difference after their very first treatment.   Fat loss is permanent and the muscle improvements are shown to last up to 6 months after a course of treatment.  EMsculpt is FDA and medically CE-cleared and was launched with 7 clinical studies to prove efficacy and safety. It also has 5 patents protecting it from copies.
Course on request.
  • EmSculpt® 1 Area

    DURATION: 45 minutes
    PRICE: £750.00

  • EmSculpt® 2 Areas

    DURATION: 75 minutes
    PRICE: £1400.00

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