CO2 lift

Oxygen is crucial for reducing the impact of aging on your skin. However, your body also needs carbon dioxide (CO2) to help direct the healing benefits of oxygen to certain areas. By applying CO2 to the face, neck, and hands, your body releases oxygen to take its place. This helps heal, improve, and rejuvenate your skin. CO2 Lift treatment contains a gentle, all-natural solution that helps your body release carbon dioxide so that oxygen can step in and replace it, thus helping improve and revitalize your skin instantly. In fact, the CO2 Lift delivers a nice, cooling sensation that has a soothing effect. Co2 Lift is clinically proven to be effective in treating lines, wrinkles, rough texture, and dryness on or around your:
• Face
• Neck
• Eyes
• Hands
If you’re looking for radiant skin that practically glows, then you’ll love that the CO2Lift mask benefits your skin in the following ways:
• Increased hydration
• Smoother, more improved texture
• Reduced wrinkles and lines
• Tighter, more lifted appearance
• Fewer acne breakouts
• Healthier, more radiant glow

  • Co2 Lift

    DURATION: 45 minutes
    PRICE: £120.00

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