Anti Pigmentation Laser

Hormonal changes as we go through life-cycles can affect the body’s distribution of melanin to the skin. Melanin is what controls the colouration of our skin and when this becomes affected it can lead to the appearance of sunspots, age spots, and melasma (a dark patchy facial discolouration).

SR Pigmentation is only suitable for skin types 1-3
Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) clears all layers of the pigmentation revealing unblemished skin by targeting the melanin in darkened area of the skin. Pregnancy, use of photosensitive medications or herbs, History ofCancer, in particular skin cancer, Prolonged exposure to sun or artificial tanning for 4 weeks pre and post treatment, Active infection of herpes in treatment area, History of keloid scarring, Diabetes (insulin dependent), Open wounds, skin injuries or recent burns in area, Epilepsy (light sensitive), Vitiligo, Eczema psoriasis or skin condition on treatment area, Bacterial or viral infection, Impaired immune system, Roaccutane in past 6 months.

  • Anti Pigmentation Laser Face

    DURATION: 30 minutes
    PRICE: £150.00

  • Anti Pigmentation Laser Body

    DURATION: 60 minutes
    PRICE: From £250.00

  • Anti Pigmentation Laser Face & Décolleté

    DURATION: 45 minutes
    PRICE: £250.00

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